The International Electromagnetic Proficiency Test (iEMPT) aims to validate students’ proficiency in Fundamental Electromagnetics (EM) by an international large-scale online test. iEMPT provides students an index of the soundness of his/her EM background knowledge. The test shall motivate students to consolidate their academic background for higher level EM-related studies and research works.


  • Randomized test sets with questions from easy to intermediate levels.
  • Comprehensive scope covering fundamental EM topics – vector analysis, static electric/magnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations, plane wave, transmission lines in time/frequency domains, Smith chart techniques.

Test Dates

  • The next test date is between Jan 2017 to Dec 2017. The exact date will be decided by the test coordinator.


Participants should register online at http://iempt.emedu.org.tw


  • On-site rules:
    • Books, notes, phones, recording equipment, or aids of any kind are not allowed in the testing room. Calculators without memory functions are permitted.
    • All test takers must present a valid photo ID.
    • All test takers must report to the testing room 10 minutes before the test begins.


Students with Percentile Rank (PR) > 50 among all participants of whole year will receive a certificate (e-version) with four types of remarks: Outstanding, Excellent, Good, and Fair.